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Ellie Masters | Romantic Suspense | USA Today Bestselling Author

Rescuing Barbi AUDIOBOOK

Rescuing Barbi AUDIOBOOK

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Get ready for an exhilarating journey as the action-packed Bravo Team series reaches its climactic peak!

Our gazes lock across a crowded nightclub, igniting an unstoppable flame that refuses to be extinguished. I think I’ve found the onethe love of a lifetime—but Barbi's haunted past drives her to run.

From me.

But I approach that as I do everything in my life, with unwavering determination and perseverance. I convince Barbi to embrace the power of love and aim to heal her wounded heart.

Just as everything falls perfectly in place, and wedare to dream of a futuretogether, enemies of the Guardian Hostage Rescue Specialists strike.

Notorious Nicaraguan trafficking kingpin and cartel king, Artemus Gonzales, kidnaps us, thrusting Barbi and me into the treacherous realm of Nicaraguan graft, corruption, cartels, black market trafficking, and brutal interrogation.

Our love is our greatest strength in a desperate fight for our lives. It’s also our greatest weakness. Confronted by insurmountable odds, I find myself in a high-stakes battle where every decision carries life-altering consequences.

Will darkness consume our love forever, or will we emerge victorious?