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Ellie Masters | Romantic Suspense | USA Today Bestselling Author

Rescuing Maria (AUDIOBOOK)

Rescuing Maria (AUDIOBOOK)

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One dangerous family. One determined Guardian. And the daughter caught between them. Her treacherous family ties could destroy them all...


Criminals. Mafia. That’s what everyone said we were.
I never believed the rumors, though. I’d know if anything shady was happening in my family.
Except…I didn’t.
When my best friend disappears from the Belvedere, I knew I could find her. Because while I might be clueless about my family, I know everything that happens in my hotel.
That’s when I found him.
I thought he was the bad guy. My enemy.
He wasn’t.
But just because I misjudged him doesn’t mean he can’t destroy me….and my heart…


The Rossi crime family is going down.
As a Guardian, it’s my job to make it happen. I was ready for anything.
Except her.
Maria’s clearly innocent. I didn’t want to give her the dose of reality that destroyed her perfect world.
But I had no choice.
See, I need her. Being her fake boyfriend is the only way to get close to her family. She’s a means to an end.
Except now, she’s so much more. What I feel for her could ruin everything.
For both of us…