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Ellie Masters | Romantic Suspense | USA Today Bestselling Author

Rescuing Maria Paperback

Rescuing Maria Paperback

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Book Description

One dangerous family. One determined Guardian. And the daughter caught between them. Her treacherous family ties could destroy them all...

Criminals. Mafia. That’s what everyone said we were.
I never believed the rumors, though. I’d know if anything shady was happening in my family.
Except…I didn’t.
When my best friend disappears from the Belvedere, I knew I could find her. Because while I might be clueless about my family, I know everything that happens in my hotel.
That’s when I found him.
I thought he was the bad guy. My enemy.
He wasn’t.
But just because I misjudged him doesn’t mean he can’t destroy me….and my heart…

The Rossi crime family is going down.
As a Guardian, it’s my job to make it happen. I was ready for anything.
Except her.
Maria’s clearly innocent. I didn’t want to give her the dose of reality that destroyed her perfect world.
But I had no choice.
See, I need her. Being her fake boyfriend is the only way to get close to her family. She’s a means to an end.
Except now, she’s so much more. What I feel for her could ruin everything.
For both of us…

The Guardian Hostage Rescue series gets more intense with every book. With dangerous missions, heroic rescues, nail-biting suspense, and sizzling romance, it's an addictive adrenalin rush.

Rescuing Maria is the seventh book of The Guardians: Hostage Rescue Specialists series. It’s a sexy, angsty, love-at-first-sight, fast-paced, steamy & suspenseful dark mafia, contemporary, military, romantic suspense that will tug at your heartstrings and leave your heart racing. If you love over-the-top protective military men that like to take charge, steamy couples, and happily ever afters, Rescuing Maria is for you.
Although the books in the series are standalone, much is gained by reading them in order, as the story of the Guardians is ongoing throughout the series.

Series Complete! Grab your copy today and let the binge-reading begin!

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