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Ellie Masters | Romantic Suspense | USA Today Bestselling Author

Rescuing Jinx (AUDIOBOOK)

Rescuing Jinx (AUDIOBOOK)

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One expert cryptologist. One Navy SEAL. They’d rather die than work together, but can they put aside their differences to save six missing women?


As an expert cryptologist,
I'm smart, savvy, and get the job done.
I can crack any code, expose any secret, and ferret out the truth,
Just as long as a certain Navy SEAL doesn't get in my way.

He may be handsome, charming, and rugged,
But I know the truth.
He's a wolf in sheep's clothing,
And I refuse to fall for his tricks.

I did that once.
I vowed never again.
But my control is slipping.


She's infuriating;
And won't relent,
Let me explain.

She's the most stubborn
And sexiest woman I've ever met,
With a brain to match.

Once we complete this mission,
I'm going to show her this Wolfe,
Isn’t backing down.
I know what I want, and I want her

For now, I’ll play her game.
I won’t jinx my chances.
But when it’s time, she’ll learn
This Wolfe always gets what he wants.
And I want her.