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Ellie Masters | Romantic Suspense | USA Today Bestselling Author

Rescuing Eve HARDBACK

Rescuing Eve HARDBACK

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Book Description

When a moment of defiance turns into a living nightmare, Eve will do whatever it takes to survive, even if that means making a deal with a devil of a man.

Daughter of a shipping mogul, Eve Deverough leads a charmed life. She wants for nothing, except for the love of her cold and distant father. In a moment of defiance, she runs off to Cancun, shedding her private security for some fun in the sun over spring break. Only there is no fun. There is no sun.

Eve’s kidnapped off the streets of Cancun, transported in a shipping container with twelve other girls, to be sold off to the highest bidder in an auction of the vilest kind. Only Eve’s worth more to her kidnapper than being sold at market. She’s being held for ransom.
As days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months, the ransom demands escalate. Held captive by the despicable human trafficker, Tomas Benefield, in his stronghold hidden in the jungles of Colombia, Eve’s freedom is in jeopardy. Which forces her to do the unthinkable.

Leader of Guardian HRS’s Alpha Team, Max volunteers for an undercover mission to rescue the daughter of a shipping mogul who’s been kidnapped. Despite paying escalating ransom demands, her captors refuse to free her and her father is running out of cash.
Eve’s photos tell a somber picture and Max is ready to answer the call. How he’s going to play the part of a brutal and depraved monster is beyond him, but there’s no other way. He'll infiltrate The Retreat, a compound hidden in the jungles of Colombia, posing as a buyer intent on buying a girl at auction.
He's not prepared for the intense attraction he feels for Eve and fights to remain professional. Above all else, he’s laser-focused on Rescuing Eve.
Failing is not an option.
As his attraction builds, there’s one BIG problem. Instead of a rescuer, all Eve sees is another monstrous man intent on defiling an unwilling girl. She hates him on sight.

Rescuing Eve is non-stop action with an in-depth look at the Columbian human trafficking business. Max is sure to steal your heart with his respect towards women, his sculpted physique, and morals that withstand the ever-present temptations of The Retreat, not to mention The Oasis. This book will keep you engaged and captivated and is sure to test you when it comes to watching the slow-burning chemistry unfold between Max and Eve.

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If you love Romantic Suspense with passionate protective former Special Forces military heroes who like to take charge, steamy couples, and happily ever afters, Rescuing Eve is for you.

Rescuing Eve is book 4 in the Guardian HRS series. All books are contemporary standalone military romances, with protective male heroes and the smart, feisty heroines who steal their hearts.

Although standalone, this series is best read in order.

Each couple has their own Happily Ever After (HEA). Grab your copy today and let the binge-reading begin!
If you're looking for light and fluffy, you won't find it here. If you're looking for gripping suspense and to discover the true resilience of the human soul, you're in the right place.
(Meaning, this story may cause triggers.)

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