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Ellie Masters

Cage: A La Rouge Triplet Novel

Cage: A La Rouge Triplet Novel

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Book Description

Ava Livingston's expertise as a guide is unparalleled in the unforgiving climes of Alaska's wilderness. Her latest client, the captivatingly charismatic Cage LaRouge, proves her greatest challenge. He is as enigmatic as he is exasperating.A renowned photographer with a maverick reputation, he stirs a tempest beneath Ava's calm surface. But as they venture into the heart of the wild, the danger stalking them isn’t borne from nature’s unpredictable whims—it's the menace of man.Haunted by her own demons, Ava is wary of Cage, whose photographer's eye sees too much, whose presence unravels her control. Yet, attraction crackles in the frigid air, complicating their professional boundaries. As they navigate the perilous terrain, they uncover signs of foul play—a hidden darkness sullying the pure Alaskan backcountry.What begins as a path to photographic fame and the quest to guide a thrill-seeker through Alaska's treacherous beauty turns into a fight for survival. Ava and Cage find themselves pitted against environmental sabotage and a far more personal and deadly threat than the wildest animal. In a landscape where the only law is the law of nature, human predators prove the most dangerous.Brace yourself for a journey where trust is as scarce as the warmth of the sun and passion ignites amidst the deadliest stakes.Can Ava and Cage navigate this treacherous new terrain and come out unscathed, or will they be consumed by the lethal traps set by their own kind?Grap your copy todayand dive into suspense, romance, and the beauty of the Alaskan wildernes.

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